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We Discuss: Berkolektif itu Mudah, Menjaganya Terus Hidup Itu Susah  - Whiteboard Journal Podcast

We Discuss: Young, Fresh and Struggling: The Path For Young Artists - Whiteboard Journal Podcast

IMPSSBLPRJCT (Proyek Mustahil) - Diskusi Kelompok Terarah Sesi 2
- CEMETI - Institute for Art and Society

Articles / Profile

Berdialog: Gesyada Siregar - Siasat Partikelir

A Young Curator, Gesyada Annisa Namora Siregar | NOW! JAKARTA -
Now Jakarta

Kerja Berjejaring Seniman Muda Jakarta: Studi Kasus Buka Warung by Gladhys Elliona Syahutari | Buletin Indonesia Visual Art Archive Dwi Bulanan edisi November-Desember 2018.


Three-Non. A principle on making a meaningful art | Gesyada Siregar | TEDxUI - TEDxUI

Sindikat Campursari -Gesyada Buka Warung - Sindikat Campursari

GADO-GADO - Ruang Rupa | BINUSTV Channel



  • International Teaching Artist Conference 5 (ITAC 5) Digital Conference, hosted by Korea Arts & Culture Education Service, presenting “Collective as School” and “Speculative Collective” as Gudskul
  • British Council Indonesia x Whiteboard Journal Exclusive Session - City Directory - Collectivizing is Easy, Keeping it Alive is Hard, as Gudskul
  • Sonsbeek 20->24, Netherlands, Online Talking Heads: In Gesprek Met ruangrupa, as ruangupa/Gudskul
  • Rakarsa Coop x NuArtSpace - XIXIXI Online Art Discussion #8 on Pseudoscience and Art
  • Rakarsa Coop x NuArtSpace - XIXIXI Online Art Discussion #6 - #7 on K-Pop Aesthetic and Activism
  • Jakarta Biennale 2021: Esok - #JBArchive on Nashar - Instagram Live with Farah Wardani, Executive Director of Jakarta Biennale
  • Cemeti - Institute for Art and Society, Indonesia - FGD #2 of IMPSSBLPRJCT (Proyek Mustahil)
  • Bus Projects and Liquid Architecture, Australia, ‘Collective-Kolektif’ symposium, as ruangrupa/Gudskul
  • Monash University, Australia, presenting public lecture “This is Our Ecosystem”, as ruangupa/Gudskul
  • Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, Canada, presenting “Collectivism as A Tools and Way of Thinking”, as ruangrupa/Gudskul
  • Whiteboard Journal x Art Jakarta, “Young, Fresh & Struggling: The Path for Young Artists” in JCC Senayan, Jakarta

  • GADO-GADO Binus University TV, as ruangrupa/Jakarta 32ºC

  • Indonesia Visual Art Archive, Festival Arsip, PKKH UGM, Yogyakarta, as ruangrupa/OK.Video

  • Equator Symposium - Biennale Jogja 2016, Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta, presenting “Reading of Nashar’s Three-Nons through Ki Hadjar Dewantara Pedagogical Principle”
  • Jakarta 32ºC Festival, Bicara Tugas Akhir (Final Thesis Talk), Gudang Sarinah Ecosystem, Jakarta, presenting “Reading of Nashar’s Three-Nons through Ki Hadjar Dewantara Pedagogical Principle”
  • TEDx University of Indonesia, Depok, presenting “Three-Nons from Nashar”

  • OK Video “New Order” Media Arts Festival, Talk to the Monument performative work by Irwan Ahmett in, National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta