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Curator, writer, and art organizer Gesyada Siregar (born in Medan, 12 June 1994, now based in Jakarta, Indonesia) has interests in supporting young artists, rereading of Indonesia art writings from period of 1940 - 1990s, and how she can intertwine them. She has been known to use archives, concrete poems, crayon drawings, experiential storytelling, fiction, games, and pseudoscience in her artistic approaches. 

She graduated from Jakarta Institute of Arts, Fine Arts Undergraduate program in 2012, where she received outstanding mark with final thesis on the reading of Nashar’s Three-Nons principle through the pedagogical methods of Ki Hajar Dewantara. By the age of 23, she finished her first book about the late S.Sudjojono’s Cap Go Meh painting, written for highschool students as part of Indonesian Visual Arts Heritage project from Director General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. In 2018, she became one of the youngest curators in National Gallery of Indonesia history for co-curating Instrumenta International Media Art Festival.

She was selected to participate in Indonesian Young Curator Workshop organized by Jakarta Arts Council and ruangrupa in 2013. Since then, she has been working for various national and international exhibitions, festivals, publications, and art projects. Nowadays, she is working in Gudskul: Collective and Contemporary Art Ecosystem Study, an educational platform founded by three Jakarta-based art collectives: Grafis Huru Hara, Serrum and ruangrupa.

Her CV can be seen in here